Creating truly social media in China

At Skye Media we focus on the quality of our social media campaigns and go to great lengths to deliver true social media that is both engaging for consumers and builds value to the brands we work with


People are of course the focus of any business, without good people you cannot do good work. Working in Social Media in China is tough work and to do it properly requires dedication and an eye for detail, there are simply no short-cuts. Just plain hard work, creativity and an enjoyment in seeing measurable results.


With so many moving parts to any campaign in China, it is of the utmost importance to have a laser-like focus on the task at hand. At Skye Media we have a very clear view on what works and what does not in the Chinese social media space, allowing us to focus on delivering truly engaging campaigns.


Success comes in many different shapes and sizes and at Skye Media we determine social media campaign success, both in terms of quantitative as well as qualitative elements. The latter is easily overlooked in a country of big numbers and empty KPI’s and we continue to strike the balance to true success.

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