One brick at a time

Building an engaged audience takes time and effort, there are no shortcuts, just hard work and lots of creativity

Work Process

The Skye Media process covers the entire life cycle of a marketing campaign,
from identifying your objectives to evaluating the results.


We believe that a successful message must be targeted, readable, reliable, and shareable. This is why we:

•Work with key marketing stakeholders to develop an annual messaging plan that ties in with the brand message and offline marketing campaign
•Develop message themes as hooks for individual audience segments
•Create postings for owned media (Weibo, WeChat, SNS, Video) and for UGC postings on BBS and discussion forums
•Develop ePR content for distribution on core and secondary media channels


To build a consistent narrative that creates layer upon layer of a brand identity is a true challenge. We continually push ourselves creatively to ensure that we provide fresh work through:

•A deep understanding of the brand identity and the brand positioning
•Clearly understanding the content triggers that can be naturally associated with the brand and that are of high interest to the audience we communicate with
•Creating continuity of narrative and tone of voice
•Ensuring that the image we create is an extension and enhancement of the overall brand campaign


Integrity is the starting point of everything we do. In a turbulent and often murky environment, we know that that stance will be the cornerstone of our success:

•We work with our clients to create KPI’s that have both measurable qualitative as well as quantitative indicators
•We ensure that we have continuous reporting and benchmarking in an open and constructive manner
•Our costs are open and transparent and that we strive to be best-in-class in all facets of our industry

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