Quality begets quality

Social media marketing only comes into its own with true followers, that means relevance must be the foundation of everything you do to engage your audience

Content Creation

We believe that a successful message must be targeted, readable, reliable, and shareable. This is why we:

  • Work with key marketing stakeholders to develop an annual messaging strategy and monthly plans that ties in with the brand message and offline marketing campaign
  • Develop message themes as hooks for individual audience segments
  • Create postings for owned media(Weibo, WeChat, SNS, Video) and for UGC postings on BBS and discussion forums
  • Develop ePR content for distribution on core and secondary media channels

Audience Engagement

We determine how to engage audiences through a thorough understanding of the topics that move them in a tone of voice that they relate to. We achieve this through:
  • Developing content that truly resonates with the target audiences interests
  • Strong use of visual stimuli that captures attention and calls to action
  • Through creating involving campaigns that are easy to interact with, but provide and emotional attachment to the brand
  • By being consistently relevant to the seasons, the events around us and above all the moments that truly engage our audience to act

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